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HVAC Contractor Estimating S/W
Sheet Metal & Pipe Estimating
Pipe-Pro: Pipe Estimating
Duct-Pro: Sheetmetal Estimating

  • Easy, simple and accurate time saving tool.
  • Material take off
  • Sheetmetal ductboard, liner, insulation and sealer included
  • Reinforcement including ductmate and TDF
  • Accessories, preloaded and customizable
  • Unlimited zones and 1000 jobs
  • Adjustable productivity and material factor
  • Customizable 
  • Sheet metal summary
  • XP, Vista and Win 7 support
  • Spread sheet for common HVAC formulas
  • Printable take off forms are included.

Duct-Lite is a simplification of Duct-Pro. It calculates the quantities of materials directly related to the sheet metal portion of an estimate. It includes sheet metal, ductboard, duct wrap, liner, reinforcement and sealer. It’s affordable, user friendly, flexible and is designed who want a program to calculate material quantities. It works on 32 and 64 bit processors and on windows XP, Vista and WIN 7 operating systems.

A more complete view of the program can be obtained by downloading a demo and reviewing the input screens and help sections provided therein. Much of this same information is available in the tutorial section of this website.

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yle="color: #5d4297; font-size: 14px; font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;">As you know, we have used Pro-Est HVAC for years.  We have found that data entry in extremely easy and fast.  As we accumulate factors in the data base, the results from this system are astonishing.  Even after all this time, each project seems to be more accurate in both material and manpower.  We submit quotations with total confidence.     The program shows us the real and total costs of a project and allows us to understand where we can “trim” our numbers in the sales cycle to win jobs. We also issue the labor time lines to the project supervisors for manpower leveling and management. ...
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